Thursday, April 11, 2013

No more Spring! Mother Hulda has to cut costs.

A copy of an internal e-mail was sent to me last night by a benevolent spirit. Of course I can't reveal the true identity of my source. But it confirms rumors, which have been heard in the Enchanted Forest for the past 6 weeks. The ongoing economy crisis has hit the Fairy Tale realms with consequences for all of us. Be assured this is no late April's fool.
Here now the internal e-mail:

April 2013

To all staff

Present economy forces everybody, every company and organization to find new creative ways in production and management. It is imperative to keep costs at reasonable levels. Our department for research determined in thorough studies, that two seasons a year are a more efficient approach and are sufficient to keep people in motion and entertained.  Hence the decision was made to regroup our organization. The departments for Spring and for Autumn will be shut down.

We will find alternative engagement in the departments for Summer and Winter if any possible. For those, who we nevertheless eventually will have to decruit, there will be a program to support them to find new employment. We are in talks among others with Fairy Inc., where it looks like they particular are looking for candidates to become male godmother fairies to comply to a new requirement for work place equality. To those who are close to retirement we will make an adequate offer to bridge the time until retirement. 

We are sure that together we will master this new challenge. Remember, there is no weather but our weather.

as representative for Mother Hulda
the first weather gnome

Who needs Spring anyway. Can go without all the annoying bright colors creeping into our gardens and parks. Not to mention will not miss all the sneezing, running nose and sore eyes caused by all this natural crap in the air.

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